• Why I refuse to refuse to change.

    Call me a little stubborn.

    I'm not naturally inclined to want things to change; if I could, I'd love everything to stay the same forever. I love the familiar, the comfortable. My innate desire is to cozy in to a routine and live in a little bubble of sameness. 

    Okay, maybe I'm embellishing that a bit. 

    But, seriously. I once had a job where my department head moved my seating assignment over four times within 16 months, and each time I writhed in discomfort. Eventually I caught on to the fact that he was trying to make me more ameable, more flexible, a little more "chameleon." 

    I've been in the full-time work world for over four years, and now at the age of almost-26, I'm beginning to truly embrace "CHANGE." 

    Without change, I would have a limited worldview. 
    Without change, I would have a limited view of my self.
    Without change, I would have a limited view of what's possible. 

    The body naturally changes. Geology naturally changes. Hell, time changes. 

    Change is inescapable. I've embraced change by moving from the midwest to the west coast. I've embraced change from moving from a decades-old established company to a 3-year old startup. I've embraced change by leaving old friends behind for the sake of pursuing newness. I've embraced change by journaling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and yoga classes. I've embraced change by challenging myself to improve my emotional intelligence and by taking Excel courses online. 

    I cannot stay the same. I cannot sit in the same spot. 

    I refuse to stagnate. 

    I choose to embrace change. 

    I will keep moving forward.