• Observations

    On March 16 I was in a discount department store looking for a specific article of clothing. After browsing endless "Clearance" racks in the women's department and not having found what I was looking for, I ventured to the men's department to see if they had what I was looking for. I noticed that the men's department had but one "Clearance" rack. A miniscule assortment of promotional advertising to the shoppers who were not women. 

    Yesterday I had a "successful" professional female look me in the eyes and tell me in all sincerity that, though she has had opportunities to open a 401k, she was waiting for a husband to "be her 401k." 

    Tonight I sat in a largely female audience at a discussion entitled "Talk Data To Me." The presentation panel was comprised of three men. Three white men spent two hours divulging their expert knowledge to a room dominated by women. 

    [this is where i insert my opinion]
    Please critically observe the world around you.
    Learn how to learn. Question society.