• feel the moments that make your heart sing.

    Things I was not made for: 

    Wearing high heels to work. 
    Convincing men in suits that I am "committed." 


    Things I was made for: 

    Seeing the beauty in small things.
    Encouraging other people to commit themselves to what makes their hearts sing. 

    Tonight I felt alive in my kitchen. 

    Electric skillet cooking. 

    Brussels sprouts. 




    Cooking the radishes.

    Half-dead lilacs, pieces of shells from the beach, passport, great aunt. 


  • Observations

    On March 16 I was in a discount department store looking for a specific article of clothing. After browsing endless "Clearance" racks in the women's department and not having found what I was looking for, I ventured to the men's department to see if they had what I was looking for. I noticed that the men's department had but one "Clearance" rack. A miniscule assortment of promotional advertising to the shoppers who were not women. 

    Yesterday I had a "successful" professional female look me in the eyes and tell me in all sincerity that, though she has had opportunities to open a 401k, she was waiting for a husband to "be her 401k." 

    Tonight I sat in a largely female audience at a discussion entitled "Talk Data To Me." The presentation panel was comprised of three men. Three white men spent two hours divulging their expert knowledge to a room dominated by women. 

    [this is where i insert my opinion]
    Please critically observe the world around you.
    Learn how to learn. Question society.

  • How I solve a dev problem.

    A developer emailed me today saying this: 

    I'm looking at the sprite image on S7 and this is what I get

    Could you help me with this, please ?

    Thank you, Regards

    Here was my answer: 

     - tried adding in a specific width (4150) to the preset

     - tried replacing preset – with _ (hp_logo_sprite)

    Neither of those changed anything. 

    Then I added $hp_logo_sprite$ to a different image which worked… 

    Then I tried ignoring the preset and forcing a specific width to the URL: 



    It seems that Scene7 does not allow files that are wider than 4000 (even though my max image size in Image Rendering settings Is set to 5000 x 5000. 

  • Email Design Testing

    I love a/b testing designs and subject lines for email. Today I took a promotional design and adjusted the hierarchy subtly. I'm excited to see how this affects customer engagement.

    The original design had "New Markdowns Taken!" as the opening line. In my test I shorteneed this to "New Markdowns!" and also made the font a little smaller.

    The original design had a very bold "50% OFF" which I reduced from Bold to Semi-Bold.

    Also, the Find A Store button was fairly small, so I enlarged it and also enlarged the CTA text as well as made the "In Store Only" line a little smaller.

    Original Design:

    My Design: